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Wide Narrow started out as an Intelligence consultancy. For more than twelve years we helped designing, optimizing and implementing Intelligence processes. We helped improving the efficiency, output, and value of more than a hundred Intelligence teams.

Our strong belief is that Intelligence must be an internal, collaborative effort. Most Intelligence teams will find easy wins by involving internal experts and other stakeholders when needed.

Intelligence is about professionals sharing their unique perspectives on how current events and trends could affect their company. Current, internal knowledge is a must. By combining the right data with the right people, organizations come up with ideas and insights leading to improved business decisions.

Wide Narrow® – Intelligence Workflow Systemized

Over the years, we have mapped best practice from our clients. Experiences from the workflow of world-class teams has continuously been built into Wide Narrow, our Intelligence Productivity Software.

Today, the Wide Narrow software fully supports both continuous and ad-hoc Intelligence workflows. Wide Narrow is highly flexible; it can provide a process out of the box or match an existing workflow. Wide Narrow significantly improves productivity and output for both experienced and new Intelligence teams.

Wide Narrow implementation is quick. Most customers start with a scope that guarantees easy wins. It’s easy to expand with new team-members or teams over time.

Ever-evolving Software

We invest 25% of our annual turnover into continuous in-house system development. Several customer-driven updates are released yearly, based on technology advancement and best Intelligence practice.

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