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Informed decisions for everyone!

Let's make complex simple

Wide Narrow is a software provider dedicated to making complex analysis simple.

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden, and Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Our cloud-based software Wide Narrow® helps thousands of professionals in Fortune 500 companies, smaller organizations, and government agencies to improve their decision making.

We started as a market intelligence consultancy. Our methodology helped over a hundred companies to increase their awareness and speed up response to changes in their business environment.

Because we couldn’t find any software supporting our customer’s needs, we started developing our own. By 2018 we had so much best-practice built into Wide Narrow® that we pivoted into a dedicated software company.

Fifteen years and counting into perfecting analysis workflow we remain passionate.

We thank our customer's world-class analysis teams for mutual learning of how to make an impact on their organization's decision-making.

Meet the team


Daniel Petersson

CEO - Wide Narrow Group AB


Anders Bretz

CEO - Wide Narrow Americas Inc.


Johanna Laurent

Head of Sales - EMEA


Linda Genf

Head of Customer Experience


Austin Black

Head of Marketing


Jeffrey Wright

Head of Customer Success - Americas


Jody Decker

Head of Sales - Americas


Arvid Sahlin

Chief Technology Officer