Q4 Customer Webinars

We thank all customers for participating in our many Webinars!

Please mark the following dates in your calendar to join more Open Webinars during Q4 2019:

Oct 8 at 4 PM CEST: Upcoming Visual Update and New Features in Wide Narrow

Oct 22 at 4 PM CEST: My Wide Narrow Month

Nov 5 at 4 PM CEST: How do I best use Wide Narrow’s Analysis and Reporting Function?

Nov 19 at 4 PM CEST: How do I analyze Trends in Wide Narrow?

Dec 3 at 4 PM CEST: How do I set up Subscriptions for my organization?

Invitations will be sent out a week in advance. Welcome!

If for some reason, you’re not receiving invitations, please contact: support@widenarrow.com

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