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Market Intelligence

Stay ahead of industry trends and manage your day-to-day market intelligence initiatives in your enterprise market insights hub.

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Intelligent sustainability

Streamline your market intelligence workflow

Rapidly monitor market trends and product developments, streamlined with the power of AI. Collaborate across departments to co-create insights that have a direct impact on your business. Produce stunning deliverables to the right people at the right time. Create efficiencies with our  3-step analysis workflow for market intelligence teams.

Get better information with AI powered feeds

Bring your own data or tap into Wide Narrow's proprietary Information Services marketplace. With our inbox areas, you can centralize all of your information in one place and let Wide Narrow help you filter out the noise.


Co-create insights at scale

Collaborate with your colleagues to refine information and manage market intelligence projects. Whether you are working on a long term project, or responding to an ad-hoc request, Wide Narrow gives you the tools to break down knowledge silos and produce insights at scale.

Produce and deliver stunning reports

Wide Narrow helps you create deliverables tailored to your target audience. With our drag-and-drop reporting engine, rapidly produce dashboards, newsletters, alerts, reports, and more. Want to push content where your stakeholders live. No problem, with Wide Narrow you can distribute your insights into 3rd party platform (Salesforce, Slack, etc.) with one click.


Market Intelligence White Paper

What is the value of market intelligence?


Why Wide Narrow?

Learn why Wide Narrow is a leader in market intelligence.


Calculating Intelligence ROI

Learn how to maximize ROI from your intelligence efforts.

The market insights hub unlocks hidden potential. It increases both Intelligence productivity and impact.

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