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Competitive Intelligence Methodology

Simple 3 Step Workflow

Same Intelligence resources – Much better results

Wide Narrow Team improves the workflow and capabilities for teams of any size. Shift focus from time-stealing administrative tasks, towards adding greater value to your organization.

  • Get all your information to one place for efficient screening
  • Provide easy access to all qualified information
  • Customize automated distribution of high-quality information to your target groups
  • Improve team collaboration in a transparent analysis workflow
  • Quickly produce and distribute series of valuable intelligence briefs

Wide Narrow Team takes your information supply to the next level. Easily distribute refined information, insights and conclusions to your target groups. Increased efficiency allows for richer, qualitative Intelligence briefs.

We’ll get you started in no time, with minimal effort needed on your side.

Intelligence reporting revolutionized

Wide Narrow Team Pro takes your Intelligence reporting to new heights. A wide range of analysis tools, methods, and customizable report templates sits right next to your structured information.

  • Quickly create ad-hoc theme reports or get more ambitious and build series of strategic reports
  • Reuse and aggregate content across report themes and time periods
  • Collaborate easily thanks to live report production
  • Easily share fact-based reports using your target group’s preferred formats and channels
  • Improve your work with feedback from your stakeholders

Efficiently create a flow of consistent Intelligence reports in formats that your target groups will love.

Wide Narrow Pro makes complex analysis tasks easy! We’ll get you started quickly; Wide Narrow adapts to your reporting routines as you go.

Empower your organization

Wide Narrow add-ons open up your Intelligence bank to everybody. Broader engagement drives a stronger Intelligence process.

  • Facilitate broad Intelligence participation with access for everybody
  • Integrate your Intelligence deliverables with other platforms and tools
  • Add charts from your BI to the Intelligence mix

Standardized components make integration with your existing IT-environment swift. Our experienced consultants supply advice for the right choices.

Collaborate & Engage Stakeholders

Collaborative Analysis

With more and more meaningful information describing an increasingly complex and fast-paced rate of change – teamwork is the norm for successful Intelligence.

Single analysts cannot necessarily complete demanding tasks in the time required, and the input of experts from multiple domains are commonly needed for unbiased and meaningful conclusions.

Wide Narrow makes collaboration easy and efficient, natural from day one.

Software & The Intelligence Workflow

Methodology Specific Features

Wide Narrow offers a broad range of powerful Intelligence tools with features that boost efficiency, productivity, and engagement. Pin and sort favorite functions and objects. Navigate the modern, AI-assisted workflow by clicking, swiping, dragging and dropping.

Team Setup

Get your team organized for optimal collaboration. Clear from the start, flexible as you process grows and changes.

Data Collection

Automated aggregation of all your information feeds, merged and allocated to subject specific inboxes.

Information Screening

Organized screening of new information, subject by subject. Share your ideas of what's important and why.


Get your colleague's observations into Wide Narrow, from an easy interface on any device, or via email.

Structured Archive

Get all your material indexed and saved in a taxonomy structured database.

Advanced filtering

Live search and drill down by categories, keywords, and relevance. Save, pin and share searches for easy access.

Access layers

Match access to content in Wide Narrow with the security clearance of your different user groups.

Information Tools

Facilitate with built-in tools for translation and readability. Quickly share information or ask for input.

Process metrics

Measure the efficiency of your process. Get notifications on opportunities for improvement.

Content statistics

Statistics tools help you measure content popularity over time, for your different target groups.


Combine facts around themes, watch trends, build new insights, create blocks for reporting. Share editing in dialogue with your colleagues.


Set rules for pushing email alerts and early warnings to individuals or groups.


Easy creation of ad hoc or recurring series of professional newsletters to new or predefined target groups.

Report Loops

Create effective reports using flexible, built-in analysis methods. Merge content from previous reports. Dynamic templates with many output formats.

Wide Narrow PRO

Report Library

Browse reports and their content with ease. Integrated reading and drilling of reports produced in Wide Narrow and elsewhere.

Wide Narrow PRO

Single Sign On

Simple and secure user account provisioning with single sign-on.



Tailor deliveries on geographic, division or sector levels. All the right widgets for effective communication towards different audiences.



Access a wide array of possibilities for integrating Wide Narrow input and output with other systems and environments.


Team Aggregation

Aggregate report content from team portals, perfect for quick aggregations at group level from underlying divisions.


Profiles & Benchmarks

Centralize less dynamic key information and data about competitors or other subjects on profile pages. Benchmark and export at will.


Chart Integrator

Integrate numerical data to Wide Narrow. Import charts, add your reflections and save as analytical data.


Information Service

Most organizations have too much information. Using a proven methodology and the best available information tools, our experienced Information Specialists can help configuring your information supply.

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