Jan 2018

An Exciting Year Ahead

Wide Narrow welcomed more than 25 new Perspective customer teams aboard in 2017. Further expansion in the US and in Europe will speed up growth during 2018. More input from great analysis teams always strengthens the Perspective workflow.

Several new opportunities will be available to both new and current customers. We are increasing the development pace of Perspective. Several new partnerships will lead to new integration opportunities for both incoming information and distribution of workflow deliverables.

We are looking forward to 2018 and hope to talk to you soon!




Dec 2017

A Warm Welcome To New Perspective Users

During 2017 (so far) over 20 organizations, from many sectors and geographies, chose Perspective.

We welcome all new customers aboard. Your analysis work is impressive! During 2018 we will continue our networking sessions to ensure Perspective will remain the best choice for Collaborative Intelligence. We keep accelerating, with new additions to the development- and sales teams.

Thanks again, and well met in 2018!


Aug 2017

Wide Narrow Expands U.S Operations

Wide Narrow Partner and Co-founder Anders Bretz will head the expansion from our U.S office. We’re excited by the rising demand for Perspective in the U.S and have the pleasure to welcome an increasing number of customers and partners.


May 2017

Join us for Cimi.con 2017

One of Europe’s best Intelligence events is coming up next month.

Take part of highlights from Intel Security, Volvo Cars and Valmet, and meet other Perspective users from companies like British American Tobacco, Ericsson, Vattenfall and Gunnebo.

June 26 – 27, 2017, Berlin, Germany


Apr 2017

See you at SCIP in Atlanta

Join us for this year’s International SCIP summit in Atlanta, 15-18 May. This year’s theme is “Developing and engaging the modern intelligence workforce”.

Visit our booth and join the discussion on how Perspective can help improve your Intelligence workflow and collaboration to get more out of your resources.


Apr 2017

Curiosity, AI and the future of Intelligence

“Can AI Ever Be as Curious as Humans?”

A fascinating question for Intelligence professionals, and one we have asked ourselves many times, even if slightly rephrased for what we do:

“Could the future development of AI make human analysts and other intelligence professionals redundant?”

As for many other processes affected by AI, we believe the somewhat vague answer is: somehow, unless focus is shifted towards adding more value.

– Yes, several parts of an Intelligence workflow, i.e. collecting, organizing and aggregating external data and facts, can and should be increasingly automated over time.
– No, the value-adding parts of an Intelligence workflow, adding insightful human perspectives and conclusions on data and facts, will not be automated even in ten or twenty years time. If ever.

If you’re an Intelligence professional believing, like us, that curiosity is the fundamental element of successful Intelligence; this article published in the Harvard Business Review could provide some useful insights in preparing yourself (and your organization) for the future: https://hbr.org/2017/04/can-ai-ever-be-as-curious-as-humans


Mar 2017

Perspective Day 2017

Wide Narrow directs a BIG thank you to all participants @ “Perspective day 2017”.

Fifty customers and partners from all over Europe gathered in Stockholm for an interactive day of knowledge sharing and networking.

Extra thanks to H&M, Valmet, and Gunnebo for their excellent presentations about the rise of their Intelligence, supported by Perspective.

Some of the key topics were:

– Different approaches for quickly establishing a viable Intelligence process
– Moving an Intelligence process from informal to formal
– Why an internal process is essential to create actionable advice
– Means of promoting internal collaboration for increased knowledge sharing
– How to use stakeholder feedback for better serving decision maker needs

If you missed out on this great event, please contact gabrielle@widenarrow.se for key takeaways.


Mar 2017

Perspective chosen by Vattenfall

Vattenfall, one of Europe’s leading energy companies, has chosen Wide Narrow’s Intelligence software Perspective.

– We aim to enhance our intelligence work and deliverables by implementing a systematic method with clear objectives. The easy way everything with Perspective is built up will both answer to our needs today and ensure flexibility over time, says Linn Rejström, Director of Business Intelligence at Vattenfall.

– The Energy sector is undergoing major changes with big implications for the whole industry. We’re very proud of being a partner in this journey for Vattenfall, says Johanna Laurent, Partner, Wide Narrow.

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