Wide Narrow® Analysis team Productivity

Intelligence- and analysis teams worldwide use the Wide Narrow Software; large and smaller companies in most sectors, and several government agencies.

Wide Narrow supports many different processes, i.e. Competitive Intelligence, Market Intelligence, Strategic Intelligence, Risk Intelligence, Innovation, Sales Intelligence, Public Affairs and Customer Insights.

Driving change at Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars boil down the essentials to effectively provide key target groups with needed Intelligence.

Trendspotting at Swedavia

Leading airport operators and developers, thanks to benchmarking and adapting to global trends.

BillerudKorsnäs advantage

BillerudKorsnäs cleverly use cross-functional reflections to stay ahead of the competition.


Perspective helps Sandvik enhancing the market perspective, with cross-collaboration, in a product-oriented organization.

Risk Intelligence

A global automotive company needed a more efficient way to track, respond, and report on risk factors in a rapidly changing threat landscape.

refinery preem

Perspective for increased transparency and connection between Competitive Intelligence, Strategic-, and Business planning.

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