Strategic Intelligence Case Study

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Wide Narrow allows Preem to recognize patterns and trends in the business environment. Their analysis team continuously discuss the constant stream of potentially impactful initiatives, not only in the day-to-day business but also in a strategic perspective, towards 2030 and beyond.

” Wide Narrow has improved the quality of our analysis and overall made the Competitive Intelligence process much more cost-effective”

Competitive Intelligence Setup

Two teams, 3-5 members in each, average time spent per person 2 hours/week

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Strategy & Business Development

Competitive Intelligence Analysis Scope

Competitive landscape, disruptive technology, and world climate change.

Competitive Intelligence Output

  • Aggregated management reports: Monthly, quarterly and yearly
  • Monthly “Strategy & Business Development” reports
  • Monthly “Market & Sales reports”
  • Weekly newsletter briefs
  • Organization-wide early warnings

Notable end-results:

Highly improved transparency and connection between Competitive Intelligence, Strategic Planning, and Business Planning.

About Preem:

Preem is Sweden’s largest fuel company and accounts for 80 percent of the Swedish refinery capacity and 30 percent of the Nordic refinery capacity. Preem employs around 1400 people.

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