Risk Intelligence Case Study

Risk Intelligence

An increasingly complex and rapidly changing threat landscape, has drastically increased the internal demands on risk and security teams. In order to cope with this the risk team needed a solution to improve efficiency in their risk discovery, analysis and reporting processes. Rather than analyzing the same piece of intelligence in each team they needed a solution that could break down silos across each team allowing insights to be captured once and seen by many.

” The report generation process enables creation of professional looking executive intelligence briefings in no time flat…”


A global automotive company needed a more efficient way to track, respond, and report on risk factors in a rapidly changing threat landscape. Because their organization is extremely diversified, collaboration across all aspects of their business was essential to improve their reaction time.


Implementation of a risk-oriented, information-centric framework, tailored for each business group. A shared methodology and a centralized risk intelligence platform enabling aggregation of the risk intelligence workflow and the ability to rapidly generate intelligence briefings tailored for each business unit or executive.


Increased overall risk awareness across the organization. Streamlined operations allowing for additional capabilities to proactively discover and act upon new threats. Ability to rapidly brief key leadership and stakeholders of new findings.

Outcomes and impact

As a highly diversified, global organization, there was no obvious answer on how to collect intelligence in a central location to support collaborative risk intelligence.

Wide Narrow Risk Intelligence helped by providing a platform which supports collaboration, aggregation, research, and the ability to quickly access fully indexed articles, reports and other data when time matters. Distinct roles and responsibilities allowed each specialist to contribute their perspective to a given risk factor without duplicating effort, giving them more time to investigate emerging threats. The report generation process enables the creation of professional Executive intelligence briefs in no time flat, providing the ability to elaborate and build upon previous work, add data and draw new conclusions and elevate the team´s impact.

Key Takeaways
  1. Diversified organizations can profit from a collaborative risk intelligence process to efficiently broaden the intelligence scope.
  2. Collaboration among analysis reduces effort and provides great insights providing tremendous value across all levels of the organization.
  3. Connecting the dots through Risk Intelligence can bring a holistic view of the enterprise’s risk posture in an easily consumable, highly impactful deliverable tailored to the team´s most demanding stakeholders.

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