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Sales enablement

Arm your sales team with up-to-date intelligence and timely insights delivered directly to the platform of their choice.

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Sales enablement

Save time monitoring your market

Let Wide Narrow help your team monitor key competitors, target prospects and do it all from the same powerful hub. Connect your own data or leverage our Information Services Marketplace (powered by AI), to find relevant information for your team.

Produce insights and sales intelligence

Curate the right intelligence based on competitor movements, current trends, and disruptions in your industry. Use our enterprise workflow tools to co-create insights across departments and put context to your information. 


Push The Data Where Your Sales Team Lives

Your sales team doesn't need any distractions or another piece of software. All of the information and insights created in Wide Narrow can be efficiently delivered directly to your CRM or other communication platforms. We currently have integrations with SalesForce, Slack, Yammer, Sharepoint and many more.

Gather information from the field

Your team can quickly input links, photos, pdfs, and manual intelligence while meeting with clients or attending trade shows. Wide Narrow has the right tools to get field information quickly into the Insights Hub.

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Wide Narrow saves me a ton of time. I love that I can push insights straight into our CRM and chat platform.


Field intelligence best practices

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Why Wide Narrow?

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Calculating intelligence ROI

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